Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apply Online

In this new world of tech savvy, text overload, I am overwhelmed with the words, "Apply Online"!!
I was at a job fair not too long ago, meeting with hiring managers, talking to individuals who make the hiring decisions, trying to make a good first impression. More than half of the hiring managers, who were there, in person, shaking hands to prospective employees, told me to apply online.

"But I have a resume right here in my hand. I can GIVE this to you, you can make a note on it of who I am to remind you of what a good impression I made on you. "
To which most of them responded, "I know, but all of our applications must be done online."

There was no computer to access on site at the job fair and no wifi for me to pirate so I could use my smartphone and apply right then and there. So why then, would employers still have job fairs? If all of their hiring is screened through an online process that has become so impersonal that no one actually sees or speaks to another person for weeks of the interviewing process?

I then bring up dating...
I won't even touch base with Online dating at this point, but know I have many interesting stories to tell you.

When going back to the kitchen from a table for yet another side of Ranch dressing, I overheard a girl actually say to someone, "Oh, just go to my Facebook page and leave me your info. Then I'll text you."
Our new way of weeding someone out online, and secretly checking past dating and friend references. Checking out pictures and posts that may alert us to any unsavory behavior or felony charges. That person is talking to you right now. Standing in front of you right now. And you are making then do an errand so you don't have to take any precious time away from your table side tweeting to actually get to know a real human being.
It is the equivalent of applying online. Social Media is not actually social. It is a way of talking to many people all at once who you may or may not know, but never leaving your house to talk to the person who lives next door to you.
I too am to blame. Until I got my dog, I had never met the majority of my neighbors. Did not know their kids names, or that they were actually seeking a photographer. If I had taken the time to be aware of my surroundings instead of just locking myself in my room and talking online, I would have gotten that gig! I could have been the new neighborhood photog! But no, they went to Sears and were disappointed. Now their ids are in grade school and they are somewhat satisfied with the yearly school pictures.
The next time someone refers me to the internet to apply online, or find out my info online, I am just going to give them a big "Thumbs Up" and walk away.

Side Note: If anyone is hiring or looking for a photographer who can shoot just about anything and does her own styling and editing, please refer to my resume online :)